Copyright Protection

IP Attorneys Group, LLC advises its clients in all aspects of copyright law.  The firm routinely prepares applications for filing at the United States Copyright Office and has obtained numerous copyright registrations for its clients.  The firm also offers copyright dispute services for its clients, whether the situation calls for an assertion of the client’s rights against an unauthorized third-party user or defense against a third-party’s infringement allegations against the client.  

Our Practice Areas 

Opinion and Counseling

IP Attorneys Group, LLC renders high quality opinions related to patent and trademark validity, infringement, and enforcement.  We also counsel clients on how inventions can be modified to design around existing patented technology. 

The firm also renders opinions on the likelihood of successfully obtaining a patent or registered trademark while considering the strength of third-party IP rights, which clients typically find helpful before expending a large amount of resources in entering a market.  

IPAG has significant experience conducting due diligence for clients that are considering a purchase of another company’s assets.  IP Attorneys Group, LLC due diligence includes a determination of the validity and strength of the intellectual property that the clients may be purchasing as well as an assessment of risk from adopting use of a trademark and/or practicing a patented invention.

Domain Disputes

IP Attorneys Group, LLC regularly consults with its clients regarding online use of their intellectual property.  The firm has experience obtaining, monitoring, and maintaining a portfolio of domain names on behalf of its clients.  Further, the firm has had great success protecting its clients’ rights through the Uniform Domain-name Dispute-Resolution Policy, often leading to the transfer of an infringing domain away from an unauthorized third-party registrant.  Since its inception, the firm has recovered numerous domain names from infringers and cybersquatters without having to resort to litigation, thereby realizing significant savings for its clients.


IP Attorneys Group, LLC has substantial motion practice and trial experience in numerous Federal District Courts and Courts of Appeal.  The firm also has significant experience in proceedings at the United States Patent and Trademark Office before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, as well as the Patent Trial and Appeals Board (formerly known as the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences).  The firm has a successful track record of prevailing in disputes heard at the USPTO and various Courts.

The firm's litigation experience is not limited to disputes over the infringement of patents, trademarks, and copyrights, but also includes unfair competition, antitrust, and disputes before customs agencies in the United States and abroad.  The firm currently has an undefeated record when litigating against counterfeiters and pirates in foreign countries as well as releasing clients' goods that were seized by customs agencies.  The firm often settles cases before lengthy and protracted court proceedings, but is equally versed in litigating to a conclusion.


IP Attorneys Group, LLC drafts and negotiates all agreements related to intellectual property, such as licensing, joint development, supply, confidentiality, manufacturing, and asset purchase agreements.  The firm has significant experience counseling clients as to the type of relationship they should enter into, such as when a license, joint development, or an asset purchase will provide the greatest advantage in light of the particular situation.

In this effort, IP Attorneys Group, LLC's counseling is typically based upon its clients, including their capabilities, and the facts surrounding the potential agreement, which is why having close relationships with clients is a cornerstone of the firm's practice. 

Patent Prosecution

IP Attorneys Group, LLC has significant experience preparing and prosecuting patent applications in all technical disciplines, including foams, the cosmetic arts, surgical instruments, medical devices, door and window hardware, manufacturing processes, business methods, electrochemical sensors, computer software, material science and metallurgy, surface treatments, analytical instruments, clothing, footwear, electro-mechanical applications, mechanical applications, telecommunications, food science, nanotechnology, robotics, payment card technology, and chemical compositions.

IP Attorneys Group, LLC also manages domestic and international patent portfolios for clients in a broad range of industries.

Trademark Prosecution

IP Attorneys Group, LLC has significant experience preparing and prosecuting domestic and international trademark applications as well as managing its clients’ trademark portfolios around the world.

An integral part of the firm’s worldwide registration practice includes searching and clearing trademarks, assisting clients in choosing trademarks, deciding which marks to register, and formulating a policing strategy.  The firm has been extremely successful in obtaining registrations and enforcing its clients’ trademarks in the United States and throughout the world, and has recovered numerous marks and domain names from infringers and cybersquatters without having to resort to litigation, thereby realizing significant savings for its clients.